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From Alison Basson
Tuesday, 10:43 a.m.

Dear Business Mum,

Starting and growing a business can be challenging. You’re constantly running around, trying to do it all –juggling family, the finances plus attempting to balance running your business with promotion, developing marketing strategies and then working within your business!

…It’s hard work and exhausting!

And much of the time you are probably running blind, without the correct systems and strategies to help you.

But if you get everything working properly having your own business can also be a lot of FUN and very REWARDING.

I Used To Face These Same Struggles, Too!

Hi, my name is Alison Basson and I am a successful business owner, mother, wife and friend - and I have been where you are now.

After the birth of my daughter, I didn’t want to return to work full time, so in May 2005, I decided to start my own business…And I was ready to take on the world. I had it all worked out in my head what it would look like – a nice office, lots of staff, the money coming in, more quality family time and, of course, me only working a few days a would be a dream come true.

But it didn’t seem to work out like that. Sure, it was a really exciting time – but wow, did I ever feel overwhelmed!

Mum’s in business face an entirely unique set of daily challenges, and most of the time having absolutely no one to help you with them!

Like trying to juggle my business around my daughter, coping with the stress of having to do everything myself and having enough time to do everything – being the receptionist, marketing expert and accountant as well as finding new ways to develop my business.

Sure, in less than 2 years I went on to become successful:

  • I launched “Tinytalk – Baby Sign Language” across Australia

  • I was featured in the media on numerous occasions, including on 4 National Australian TV networks, on various Radio Programs and in parenting & business magazines.

  • I had built up a customer base of over 7,000

  • I was making the sales…

But at a price. It was hard and not as simple as I had thought. You have heard of the saying running around like a headless chicken - well that was me. I was drowning under the masses of paperwork, orders, emails and information on how to grow my business. I couldn’t stop it. I was frustrated, tired and I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong.

Then I realised what was wrong, I didn’t have the right tools and resources to start off with and I was making it up as I want along – I didn’t follow a proven process.

Looking back, I could have avoided a lot of my mistakes, struggles, and heartache if I’d only had a system to follow instead of getting swept up with trying to do everything on my own.

And now, speaking with mums with businesses who DON’T make it, I’ve noticed one shocking similarity… none of them had proven resources either!

That’s why; I decided to create “Mums in Business”… A business resource network created by mothers in business, to support mothers in business!

Finally, Business Resources
Just For Mums!

I learnt a lot along the way and, with my experience as a successful Accountant and Business Consultant; I wanted to help other business mums. So I began mentoring OTHER women starting their own businesses.

My vision was to create much needed business resources that focuses on mums who want to be successful in their own businesses so that they can learn from my experience and the experience of other successful business people. The goal was to design and develop a system that is affordable, comprehensive and easy to use; therefore Mums in Business was born.

Because I have worked my way through these challenges and because I have felt the frustration and sense of being overwhelm I know just where you are coming from.

And because I am running a successful business and because I have the qualifications, the professionalism, the expert knowledge and hands on experience I know just where to take you and how to guide and mentor to take you there.

This is where Mums in Business really shines. If you have ever asked yourself: How do other mums do it? – Let us show you.

So what absolutely amazing time-saving, money-saving and sanity-saving resources have I researched and put together for you that will boost your business growth and personal confidence?

Let’s take a look – and hold on to your hats because this list is incredible:


Your Market and Customers – Learn how to use this to start getting the
right customers straight away!

Researching your market is critical whatever stage of business you are at. Almost a third of all start-up businesses fail within the first year and businesses that continue to operate fail to achieve their full potential. Why is this? One of the main reasons is businesses do not do their research, hence are operating blindly. Without proper research you do not know who your competitors are, who your customers are or what people think about your business. Doing your research will reduce the risk of your business failing and allow it to perform to its full potential.

In Your Market and Customers, you'll discover...

How to find out what your target market is - who are your customers?

What your competitors are doing both online and offline
How to discover what your Keywords are and the power of them to get your website picked up by the search engines.


Starting a Business - Learn how to set up your business
to succeed from day one

One of the crucial things when starting up a business is the set up. It must be done correctly so your business will flourish from your first day of operation.

In Starting a Business, you’ll discover…

How to set up your business the correct way if you are starting a business from scratch or even if you have been running a business for some time

You’ll receive a comprehensive "easy to follow” list to fast-forward your business start-up

Get the low down on the critical legal information you will need to know

Understand how to protect your IP - Trademarks/Patients

As mums we know we want and need to care for our children first and foremost. We offer advice on how to work around your children in a way that keeps you all happy
How to set up your own home office


Business Basics - If your foundations are shaky...then your business will be also!
Learn how to build a solid foundation for your business

When we’re in business for ourselves we get so caught up in working that we forget the vital areas that form the basis of our business. Often business owners start marketing their businesses and immediately experience growth but, as they grow, far too often things get forgotten and left out. There simply isn’t the time and sometimes there isn’t the perceived need.

It is important to make sure you have built a strong foundation for your business and that you have systems in place to remember and carry out the basics.

In Business Basics, you'll discover how to set your business up so that it succeeds...

How to plan your success

How to set realistic goals
How to plan your time and create success action plans
We even give you a range of simple templates to download and use – talk about time saving


Web Sites - Why you need a website and what makes a great website

A website is one of your best business promotion tools. Websites have huge potential for building a business. In this day and age, it is crucial even for the local corner store to have some sort of representation on the web – even if it is just a listing on the local Chamber of Commerce web site.

A website is a great way to advertise your business, including the products and services you provide. Your web site is also a great place to make ‘special offers’ or an e-newsletter that will build your database and position you as an expert.

A well designed, fully optimised website can generate business – and you don’t have to be the biggest company with the largest budget to hit first place ranking.

Sadly, the majority of small businesses set up a website but then don’t use it to improve their business. This is largely because many who are running or starting up a small business feel overwhelmed and at a loss as to what to do. We turn that around here at Mums in Business with great strategies and practical tips on how to make the most out of your web site.

In Web Sites, you'll discover...

The facts and not the hype about why you need a web site

What makes a great web site that really ‘works’ for your business as opposed to one that simply looks nice

The importance of choosing the right domain name
The different types of websites available – one will save you a fortune!
How to use your web site as an advertising tool. You can get a lot more information across on your website than you can on a leaflet or a newspaper ad, and for much less cost


Marketing, Promoting and Advertising - Discover how to know the best forms of
marketing and advertising to suit your unique needs

One of the biggest mistakes in business is unplanned marketing. You are so excited at starting your business that all you want to do is start generating sales. You’ve been told you need to advertise, advertise, advertise – so you book your advertising in newspapers, magazines and online, and/or book to attend an expo and order your flyers all in the first few months of business. What then happens is you realise to your horror that you have spent more money on advertising and promoting the business than you recoup on sales. Not only does your business suffer but your belief in yourself suffers also – and that’s far worse.

Right from the start – you need to know the best form of marketing for your business.

In Marketing, Promoting and Advertising, you’ll discover…

How to measure the effectiveness of your current marketing campaigns – do they work?

How to create a marketing action plan/schedule

Why building a list/database is the best, on-going absolutely low cost method to keep in front of your current or future customers and of announcing new products and promotions
How to create a database from scratch
How to quickly and easily build your database
What are the best offers to use for your business


The Nitty Gritty of Marketing - Discover how to get visitors to your business by using
dirt-cheap marketing strategies

We know this is not the first time you have heard this but it needs restating. It doesn't matter how great your business is if nobody knows that you exist! If you are not getting any visitors to your business, it is impossible to make sales.

Even those who have been in business some time can become so busy they forget to continue promoting and marketing their product or service. Buyers are easily distracted and if someone else is ‘in their face’ it is likely that is where they will go. The costs of running a business, depending on the business, can vary from considerable to huge. No one has a fortune to spend on marketing – but you don’t have to spend a fortune. We’ll show you why and how.

In Marketing Strategies, you'll discover...

How to promote your business in a way that is unique to your needs

How to get FREE Publicity – tapping into the power of the media and learning attention getting PR strategies (don’t forget business networking groups are also great for this)

How to write an effective and fantastic press release that works

Why Article Marketing is one of the most powerful ways to generate traffic to your business
How to use capture devices to grow your subscriber list
How to run competitions to generate traffic
Why Classified Ads are one of the best free ways to promote your business.
How to enhance your advertising strategies by using your emails as FREE advertising
How Blogging will get Google on your side
How to use Social Networking/Marketing to get free traffic
How to create strategic alliances and get other businesses to promote you
And much, much more


How to Convert Visitors into Customers and Earn Some Money!

People talk about how they need to get more visitors to their business, but they miss one other aspect that is just as, or even more, important - conversion. If you cannot convert your visitors it doesn’t matter whether you have 10 or 10,000 visitors, the results will still be the same - a lack of buyers.

On the internet, you don’t get a second chance to entice a visitor – lose a visitor and lose a potential sale. With the amount of choice out there, people generally do not purchase from the first business they come into contact with. It can take up to six times of seeing your information before a visitor becomes a customer. So your ability to convert visitors into buyers could make or break your business.

In Converting Your Visitors, you'll discover...

Why people buy?

How to create a sales letter that converts

Why repeat business is critical for your success
How to keep in touch with customers and get your customers to buy again and again
Why Customer Service and Customer Loyalty is vital to the long life and success of your business
How you can generate sales on autopilot by using auto responders
How to enhance your conversion by using testimonials


Finances – How to take control of your finances…in plain English

Most women in small business, or even medium sized operations, will agree – finances are a major area of challenge. You may be fantastic at what you do, know every inch of your product, have got marketing, advertising and networking down pat – but it all falls apart when it comes to dealing with the dollars and cents. Even if you’re good in this area it can often be a matter of finding the time and finding the fastest, easiest methods.

In Finances, you'll discover...

The basics of financial management

How to complete simple accounting procedures

Break Even Analysis guiding you how to identify if your business and products are making you money – or losing you money

I only wish these tools had been around when I started would have been a lot
easier to follow a proven system instead of creating everything from scratch.

Don't just take my word for it

How often have you purchased a business book or subscribed to an online resource just to be disappointed with the information received as they leave you none the wiser? At Mums in Business we provide you with plain-English, PROVEN business tools and resources, templates and advice you need to build your business. So before you purchase anything take a look at what others are saying about Mums in Business.

"As a micro business owner, with big dreams, I found that I needed help. Help in making these dreams a reality. Then I found Mums in Business. Not only did the resources you provide help me through some tough situations, the coaching program I embarked on with you was the best help yet. You helped me to flesh out my ideas, and put them onto paper and then organise an action plan. Talking to you was the turning point in my business, and I wanted to say thanks for building a resource centre such as Mums in Business!"

Emma Rhoades, Diva Promotions

Just a short note to let you know I implemented one of your ideas. I sent out a mail out to all my old customers that hadn't ordered in awhile offering them a discount if they returned. So far I have had two orders (each larger than they usually take, so they can benefit from the discount offered). This has been able to pay for the time to do the mail out, mums in business membership fee and I still made a little profit. I am very pleased with the results and can't wait to starting implementing more ideas. Thanks for your advice.

Heidi Bennett - HTM Creative

Here is a very special offer for you

There are a lot of other products out there that will provide you with seemingly endless information to use in your business. But you are so overwhelmed with information that it sends you into a spin because you don’t know what to do first, or how best to use the information.

Then there’s “The Essential Guide For Mums Who Want To Start And Run A Successful Business”, which offers you step by step strategies and information that will successfully work in your business today. We filter the information so that you receive the best - it’s a simpler and easier way of building your business.

By this time you will be wondering what all this will cost you. Well, that’s natural.

Many of you will understand that, for me, gathering all this information over the years has cost me thousands of dollars and believe me it is worth every bit of that and more. But I’m a business mum too and understand all the financial challenges you have on your plate so I’m willing to pass it on to you at this fantastic, affordable price.

So I’m offering it to you for the ridiculously low one time offer price of just $47.00.

Are you serious? Yes, I know that is a bit crazy asking only $47, especially when you look at what this information is worth. I'm sure that number is well LESS than the price of what you will actually make in profits from your website. That means this product will likely pay for itself IMMEDIATELY.

When we sold this through our Membership site, other customers paid $97.00 for this resource, so the price could go up again at any time.

Plus if you join today, you'll also receive a bonus

"Access to 90 Super Quick Videos"

You Can Learn The Latest Internet Marketing 'How To' Tips, Tricks, and Techniques In Minutes, By Watching Us Show You How To Do It On Video, In Under 5 Minutes Each! ..Allowing You Save Frustration and Your Hair Whilst Increasing Your Revenue Almost Overnight!

Super Quick Videos cuts through the fat and gets straight to the meat - on all sorts of topics, so you can get on with your daily routine. No more being trapped at your PC trying to figure out something that should be super quick and super simple...

With Super Quick Videos, you will eliminate your learning curve and get right to the stuff you need to find out...RIGHT NOW! We make it so quick and easy for you, you won't even feel like you're learning.

With Super Quick Videos you will...

Learn Quickly
Save Time
Implement Easily
Make More Money

Here's just some of the amazing Super Quick Videos you will get:

How to register and create a Wordpress blog, and implement a new theme How to add a meta description tag to your website (for the search engine description)
How to embed a YouTube video into your web page How to use Twitter and Facebook for Business
Adding Aweber code to your website page How to create and install Audio on your website
Creating a Download/Thank You page Comprehensive Aweber Videos
Google Alerts

How to use eBay

Adwords Banner Ads Upselling Strategies

To view the whole list of 90 Super Quick Videos, click here

This package normal sells for $77 but you will get it for FREE when you sign up today!

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Your Investment is Backed by My 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

You can download the products, use it and even go ahead and make some sales for 60 days and if you are not absolutely delighted with your purchase for any reason simply drop me an email and tell me you want a refund and I’ll quickly refund your money - no questions asked.

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When you realize the power of what is in this resource, and how it can and will change your business success when you take the time to learn this information, you know it would simply be foolish NOT to take advantage of it.

Just imagine how much your business will grow with this kind of information at your fingertips - all of it affordable, comprehensive and easy to use.

We’re here to help you succeed in business by giving you the business and marketing tools you need to make your business grow

Are you ready to take the next step and create a successful business or are you happy to stay where you are? So if you want to succeed in business, make money and achieve your lifestyle goals, then make a decision today to get this guide.

To your success

Alison Basson

P.S “Ask yourself – is my time precious?” If it is, then stop trying to work out your own strategies and let me show you how! Imagine what implementing just one of the marketing strategy could do to your business success...we have over 15 marketing strategies for you!

P.P.S. You've got a full 6 weeks to test drive Risk-Free. If you are not absolutely delighted with your purchase for any reason let me know and I’ll refund your money - no questions asked. What's more, you can keep everything you have already downloaded!

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