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About Alison Basson and Mums in Businesss

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Alison Basson. I am the founder of Mums in Business and Tinytalk, as well as a mum and wife.

I didn’t want to return to work full time after the birth of my daughter, so in May 2005 I launched Tinytalk – Baby Sign Language, after successfully using an American version with my daughter. I thought with my 10-years of experience as an Accountant, Business Coach and Trouble Shooter enhanced by my managerial, financial, analytical and diagnostic skills it was going to be easy - BUT - starting my own business was like nothing I could have ever imagined.

Though it definitely was not easy, I was able to draw upon my extensive experience and in less than 2 years Tinytalk was a national company, with a network of trained tutors, retailers and a promotional website. I was creating a successful company but it came at a high price – my time.

In the early days I thought I could do it all myself. I got on Today Tonight and Sunrise, I recruited tutors, went to every expo, did all the admin, orders and the list goes on…I also had to quickly learn and implement effective and creative ways to market Tinytalk.

After working all the hours, even with the thrill of achieving my goals, I learnt I couldn’t do it alone. I needed the help and support of others! If only Mums in Business had been around then, but instead I found help and support through networking and continued on my journey.

Fortunately, my background knowledge and experience plus my insatiable desire to learn helped me to survive, to grow and prosper in my business. This is often not the case for many business mums.

I learnt a lot along the way and, with my experience as a successful Accountant and Business Coach, I wanted to help other mums with their businesses and prevent them from making the same mistakes I made.

My vision was to create a much needed business group that focuses on mums who want to be successful in their own businesses. The goal was to design and develop a system that is affordable, comprehensive and easy to use; therefore Mums in Business was born.

I understand the challenges you face trying to juggle your family and your business. But now you can learn from my experience and the experience of other successful business people who have joined Mums in Business – now you can avoid making mistakes that could cost you time and money.

My passion and drive is for helping others to create successful businesses easilywithout losing your mind or life in the process. I now work extensively with mums who own their own businesses.

Mums in Business is for any mother, woman or parent looking to either start or grow a business. We provide practical information, expert advice and invaluable support to help run, promote and develop your business. For more information and to see how I, and Mums in Business, can help you to grow your business, simply click here

"As a micro business owner, I found I needed help. The resources you provide helped me to flesh out my ideas, and put them into an action plan. Talking to you was the turning point in my business,
and I wanted to say thanks!"
Emma Rhoades, Diva Promotions
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